About Democracy and the conditions needed for the actual Republic

 Briefly ... referred to in the book.

Generally the actual Republic is characterized not only by elections and great prime ministers, active members,

'dapper', 'charismatic' etc, which with great "political" scholarship legislate in Parliament as how many days or weeks may

an imported milk may be called fresh milk in the local market ... but the real Democracy requires active and powerful Families Society (Public opinion) that jointly designed to serve the basic and necessary conditions and things required for survival of all family members of families without any "Social inequality".

These "things and conditions" the Goods that is needed for the survival of all members of the Family forming this Society are many, such as eg the necessary living space, air, water, food, safety from natural and other hazards, etc ...

For all the above Goods, and for all additional necessary for the survival of Family members, provide and shall not only exist today but also for tomorrow for future generations and for the unhindered and Self-sufficiency Adequacy of Goods, and care together with any private affairs of all capable members Families participating in this Social agreement that participate in society.

These "capable members of the Families" are not accidental but are the result of Education, Education and Education, but not by accidental "education", accidental "education" and accidental "education" but by Social Education, Social Education and Social Education. This offers the Family of Families and incorporates its Social Purposes and Social Goals.

    These are the able members of Families who are learning Social Education, Social Character and Social Vocational Education by the Citizens.

   Citizens have a specific lifestyle called Citizenship and their living space where they live is called Citizens' City. Citizenship is, therefore, the chosen way of life of the Citizens who not only does not hurt but instead serves the interests of their Society. (If the way of life of the Citizens damages the aims of their Society, which is known to ensure the survival of all the participants in the Society, then the Citizens are harming themselves ... by acting barbaric rather than by Civilization Citizen, this is the difference of the barbarian by the Citizen as the Customs and Customs of Citizens that characterize and serve the Citizen Culture are not recognized or shared by the barbarian, acting destructively at the expense of Culture and thus of the Citizen.)

 The interests of civil society revolve around the original Social Family demand, that is, the maximum Good, which is no more than what defines the instinct of survival, that is, the primary Social Good is itself Survival and indeed Survival for All, above in which it also establishes any law other than that of the original Social Law, which is then accepted by the Citizens.
 Citizens' care for the above leads to questions, concerns, suggestions and decisions that are all taken together by an audience in a small City of Citizens, while in a large city of Citizens the decisions are taken, divided into groups and locally in the Municipalities that belong , and then supports and implements the decisions decided by the Public, while representatives of the citizens undertake for a short time and successively the supervision and confirmation of the implementation of the above decisions throughout the territory of the State.

 These representatives of Citizens coming from the Municipalities complete what we call Democracy, of course they are not people superior to the Citizens to decide on them, but they are servants for as long as they have been authorized by the Citizens to oversee the implementation of the citizens' decisions.

 Political (male or female) is every citizen put in words and works in the service of the common good, contributing among others to Omonia, the same mind, and not to the citizens' discord.

 Here we do not point to someone superior to rule us.

We here want to govern ourselves.

 Our proposal is to bring ourselves to the level of the Citizen dealing with the Social Issues that are nothing but the creation and maintenance of infrastructure and conditions for a minimal yet safe and secure life of all of us and then to seek everyone that he wants and loves provided that this is not done at the expense of the social request mentioned above.

Democracy is not to have voted a charismatic leader to rule us as long as man is good and then to look for another 'charismatic' and until we find him wounded.

Democracy is to "cultivate Social Issues" and to have Citizens who are guiding - to govern themselves in serving the purposes of the Family Society, which, as we have said, is no more than a safe life, and even a year of all Family members constitute this Society with the necessary contribution to this to all Citizens.

We believe that all these 'Democracy and Society' or what has been said rightly finds us all in agreement, and that we all have a willingness to contribute to them, and that is why we are calling for everyone to contribute to a better and simpler formulation, the dissemination of not the meaning of Democracy and of Society, as we have all said a little more internally, but the dissemination of the habit of dealing daily with the subject of Society and Democracy, and including others such as Education, Education, Education night, Citizen, City, State, Culture, Regime, etc. Republic.

And all of this is not to be hoped, of course, that they will become reality with "racing on the internet" but with public debates that each of us will organize in his own neighborhood at first, inviting his fellow-fellow citizens to solve each Public theme.

With the courage of the opinion and well-meaning
Τρουλλινός Γιώργης. 

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